Friday, January 31, 2020

Bach bazi in Afghanistan Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Bach bazi in Afghanistan - Movie Review Example Without any prior history of the man, the family to the young boy accepts him to go (Bacha Bazi). It is believed that the tradition started long time from Pakistani when the Afghanistan had been invaded by the superpower then, Russia. Because of boredom, the tradition for men dancing for men began (Bacha Bazi). In continuing with the documentary, it is evident that those who indulge in Bacha Bazi are young and old rich and powerful men. Some of these men live a double life and may have wives and children to hide their other side (Bacha Bazi). Furthermore, it is evident that Bacha Bazi involves a boys party, a place where these young recruited boys would go and dance for the rich. After the event, it was upon the rich to decide what they did to the young men (Bacha Bazi). Most of the time, they would end up sodomizing them. The young men would be lured into the business due to financial gain and promises of happy life just like the rich, only to discover later that they were to pleasure them to get the money. It is a very sad scene when underage boys between 10 to 18 years get recruited for this business. Basically, a person is always sent to the villages in search of beautiful boys from the families who are in need of the money (Bacha Bazi). The boys are then taken and go to live with one of the organizers of Bacha Bazi. In the company of the Bacha Bazi organizers, the boys are expected to know how to dance and sing within their first year of recruitment. They would learn this arts from previous boys who had been recruited and had been in the business for some time (Bacha Bazi). The boys would be provided everything in the courtyard of the rich, but in return, are expected to be ready to pleasure rich men during parties. As the documentary continues, it is evident what really conspires in search parties as one of the Bacha Bazi men reveals what had happened in another party (Bacha Bazi).

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