Thursday, December 5, 2019

Strategic Management Model

Question: How would the strategic management model be helpful to you in identifying and securing the most promising position? Answer: Some of the critics argued that strategic management is one of the most essential processes that allows in creating most promising decision that helps in developing proper vision and mission for business as well as individual. In terms of searching job as a strategic decision, need to set up appropriate vision and mission along with goals and objectives. However, following model of strategic management allows the people in setting up vision and mission as well as creates objectives that help in achieving the set vision and mission. The above mention components helps in searching job as a strategic decision during post graduation. Following are the brief description of the components of strategic management model that helps in understanding better way of making strategic decision during post graduation for job search. Mission Mission allows to develop a specific idea for individual in terms of searching job as a post graduation student. Mission helps the students in understanding who is he or she, what is the value and where has to go? External Analysis: In order to search a job as a post graduation need to analysis the external environment first. For example, student that contains post graduation degree needs to utilize the market of job in business industry, movement of company, etc. Therefore, external analysis helps in developing appropriate idea about the career that may success in future. Internal Analysis: Before searching a job, student has to analyze their internal skills, knowledge and ability of performance. It can help in getting better job opportunity. Strategic analysis and choice: Internal analysis and external analysis helps the student who contains post graduation degree in identifying the range of possibilities regarding interactive opportunities. In order to develop promising career these opportunities are the possible avenues. Apart from that, in order to set up the possibilities and achieving opportunities, student must to screen skills and knowledge. This process allows in selecting the appropriate strategic choice for the students in identifying and developing promising career. Long Term Objectives: Long terms objectives mainly concern the students about identifying the MNCs that are the technological leadership, has competitive positions, wide range of productivity, public responsibility, etc . Short Term Objectives: It allows in developing the appropriate guidance that required in identifying and developing promising career such as hard work . Generic and Grand strategies: Generic strategy assists in characterizing the competitive orientation in the market place such as focus on development fundamental options. Action Plan: It translates the grand and generic strategies into actions and specify the mission for achieving within next couple of month. Functional Tactics: Help in creating general framework for the students in searching job according to the activities and requirement. Policies: Set up appropriate policy that empowers plans. Strategic Control: Help in detecting problems in implementing way of developed strategy. Reference List Alvintzi, Patrick and Hannes Eder,Crisis Management(Nova Science Publishers, 2010) Kahreh, Mohammad Safari, 'Economics Of Strategic Knowledge Management: A New Model For Assessment' [2011]International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance Klumbyte, Egle and Rasa Apanaviciene, 'Real Estate Strategic Management Model For Lithuanian Municipalities' (2014) 18International Journal of Strategic Property Management Kunz, Veit Dominik and Lorraine Warren, 'From Innovation To Market Entry: A Strategic Management Model For New Technologies' (2011) 23Technology Analysis Strategic Management Le Masson, Pascal, BenoiÃÅ'‚t Weil and Armand Hatchuel,Strategic Management Of Innovation And Design(Cambridge University Press, 2010) Meszek, WiesÅ‚aw, 'Property Valuation Under Uncertainty. Simulation Vs Strategic Model' (2013) 17International Journal of Strategic Property Management.

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